Monday, 2 July 2012

Its been a week...

So, a week has passed already! I am back at work :-( and Teddy and Maisy are getting on like a house on fire. 
We have noticed Maisy also seems alot calmer, not as skittish, which is great. She always used to react to noises etc really easily. She must feel like a kitten again playing all day, as she wasn't as active before. But with Teddy around I don't think she has a choice! :-) 
They literally play all day together and cat nap in between. Our activity centre is one of Teddys favourites with Teddy usually trying to get to the top, with a bit of a struggle on the way down!  But usually where one goes the other follows. 

Here is a picture which I think rounds up the week very well!



Friday, 29 June 2012

The start of a great friendship

So today was the day we finally let Teddy and Maisy raom around together freely whilst supervised. It seems as though Maisy has accepted Teddy better and quicker than we thought she would. They started to nosey each other quite a bit, without any hissing, which was encouraging! Then Teddy being the little kitten that he is was ready for playtime! 
They ended up chasing each other up and down the stairs several times, on their activity centre together and to finish the day off the had their dinner next to each other. It was really sweet to see them like this, and what we had hoped for so much.  
We obviously keep them separated if we pop out, but is such a great step in the right direction and I think Maisy really enjoys the company :-)
During the day it seemed that Teddy was so comfortable in Maisy's presense that he decided to use her litter box, which was quite here's to the start of a great friendship! <3

So here are just a few of the pictures captured of them together!



Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Getting to know you...

So, as I have mentioned we are trying to take it slowly with introducing Maisy to Teddy. However it's becoming very apparent Teddy REALLY wants to play with Maisy, but are trying to not put her off too quickly.
I managed to get a couple of pictures of them in close proximatey to each other. The one which was taken in our living room was showing Maisy being a bit braver, and my partner Ben was only just saying: 'I think Teddy might be the trouble maker trying to pounce on Maisy' and just as he said that he leapt of of his arms and tried to pounce (play) on her lol. Needless to say Maisy ran behind the sofa then all the way upstairs under the bed. She did hiss at him afterwards but has begun to hiss less, and has begun to get braver getting closer to him. But we haven't let him roam freely towards her yet, so she can get as much of his scent as possible and be comfortable with him around her.

So hopefully it's upwards and onwards from here! :-)


Day 3!

It is now our 3rd day since Teddy has been with us, and he has settled in really well, and getting to know his whereabouts of the house. Again he slept really well last night, only to wake up at around 5am when my partner was getting ready for work, and thought it would be a good idea to groom me at this time! LOL 
Maisy seems to be realising Teddy is always around now and we have been letting her come up to him whilst in his carrier, she gets so close and then will hiss slightly and try to run off, and Teddy will just give a vacant stare :-) Think he just wants to play with her!
Our breeder Tanya recommended we introduced Teddy to a few new toys a day, yesterday was the turn of the feather on a string and pom pom ball (which went down very well) Teddy especially liked the pom pom ball, carrying it around in his mouth, and seemed to want to take it behind the TV- before I ruined his fun and took him away from there haha. Today I gave him a sisal ball and a mouse with a rattle in it, at the moment these seem to have proved less popular, but he has been very active thismorning, and trying to get in all the spaces which only a kitten could find comfortable! I will try and upload some pictures of Teddys recent activities and hopefully some of Maisy and Teddy (near each other!) haha. :-) 


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Hi everyone

I am starting a blog about our 2 cats, Maisy and Teddy. Teddy is our new 13 week old Ragdoll kitten joining our existing 3 and a half year old cat.
We have been waiting patiently for Teddy to arrive for nearly a year and he was more than worth the wait! We contacted a breeder of Ragdolls last year called Tanya, who couldn't have been anymore help to us and gave us all the info we could have needed. So yesterday was the day! We eagerly picked him up in the morning and brought him back in the car, he was actually a very good boy on the way home and after a few cuddles he settled down and fell asleep. 
When we arrived home we were unsure of how our older cat Maisy would react to little Teddy, and we kept him in his carrier for Maisy to sniff, although she kept a reasonable distance between them both, Teddy was not phased and just watched her. We are trying to introduce them slowly in the hope that they will possibly be the best of friends one day, but realise it will be a slow process for Maisy knowing she has been a (very spoilt) only cat :-) We had been long anticipating the arrival of a second cat to our household and a Ragdoll seemed like the prefect addition and obviously there is a part of me which deep down wishes they could get along straight away- although I know this is not a realistic expectation! :-) just me being hopefull!
We think with the excitment of the day Teddy had worn himself out, and was out for the count most of the evening, but had surprised us with how quickly he had settled into our home and it was almost as though he had been here for days before! In the night time, we gave in to temptation and let Teddy sleep in our room, again he slept for pretty much the whole night only waking once or twice to lick mine or my partners face and to snuggle up beside us both. We can already tell how loving he is going to be, he loves being picked up and cuddled and literally purrs all the time! 
In all of this we have made sure to show Maisy her normal amount of attention (if not more! :-) ) to make things not seem so different. We look forward to updating this blog on Maisy and Teddy and all their adventures together <3